Our company will comply with the law concerning treatment of information belonging to personal property for employees, suppliers and customers.

  • 1- We set up internal rule for handling and controlling personal information and make it open to all of our officers, directors and employees.
  • 2- If and when company needs to obtain personal informations, we will always clarify its specific purpose and make those open and use those appropriately for the purpose of use.
  • 3- We internally establish the safety treatment of personal information not to loose, destroy, modify and leak.
  • 4-If and when personal information is needed to be disclosed to third party , company will take necessary steps comply with the law.
  • 5- Company will make best effort without delay if and when personal information is needed to be disclosed, amended, deleted, and ceased to be utilized.

Kunihiko Uchimura
Chuo Kasei Co., Ltd.